Independence Days – August 5

So far, this has been the week of decluttering.  Facing down the end of the summer and the start of the school year, your not-so-intrepid heroine (that would be me) has started clearing out as much as possible from the overly-stuffed secret lair (read: apartment) that she inhabits.  At this point in our story, there are many boxes of thrift store donations littering the bedroom floor, and many more things left to be sorted, decided upon, and either put away or gotten rid of.  As a result of this project, not a whole lot else has happened this week.

Plant something:  Arugula and lettuce; a new batch of kombucha; sourdough starter

Harvest something:  As always, mint, chives, basil, oregano, thyme, borage, and violet; green peppers, chard, and a bit of kale; the first few ripe tomatoes

Preserve something:  Didn’t do so well on this one this week – the last pickles that I fermented were a dismal failure, and I need some practice (or something approximating a root cellar)

Waste not:  Thrift store purchases – three books (Winter greens: Solar Greenhouses for Cold Climates, The Not So Big House, and Creating the Not So Big House); put together a rather large donation pile for the thrift store (and still going strong on the decluttering); started putting a few sewing books to good use through learning how to refashion old t-shirts and other jersey knits

Want not:  Stocked up on more salt and spices; working on seriously organizing and decluttering the apartment so it’s easier to work in and there’s more room for the important stuff – there are already four boxes of books and another three boxes of miscellaneous stuff ready to go, and the main closet is cleaner and less cluttered than it has been in ages

Eat the food:  Frittata, lots of salads, eggs, fish, burgers with corn on the cob and fresh steamed veggies, soup

Build community food systems:  Back to the farmers’ market this week, and had some good chats with farmers (and a few invitations for farm tours, if I can find a way out of the city)

Skill up: Still knitting; practicing a bit of hand-sewing

Get healthy:  Still biking and walking anywhere I possibly can; watching calories in an attempt to lose a bit of weight and avoid buying new pants; a fair amount of greens and fruits; added in some more yoga, meditation, and general mindfulness

Up next: keep up with the decluttering and spend more time relaxing (via yoga and meditation), on doctor’s orders.  There’s a lot to do prior to the start of school, and a lot to learn and plan, and so the calmer I can stay, the better off I’ll be.  Happily, I also tend to feel better when the apartment is clean and tidy, so I’m hoping that the big push to purge now will help a lot with that as things start up again and the school year starts up.


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