A day “off”

Recently, life hasn’t been pulling any punches.  It’s been a heck of a week, following what was even more of a heck of a week.  All in all, I’m feeling rather wiped and ready for a bit of a break.

Happily (mostly), one of the punches from this past week was the fact that  the research associate job I’ve been working on has run out of money to pay me, so I won’t be working on that project anymore.  There’s a long story behind that one, and mostly I’m just grateful.  We’re fine financially, so the loss of a month’s worth of very part-time income isn’t that dire.  On top of that, I could certainly use the extra time spent not-working to put some more time into planning courses, writing, and doing other work over the next month, so I’m actually pretty happy about one less thing on my plate.

And so, with a bit more time available, I’m going to take today “off”.  Why is the “off” in quotes, you might ask?  Well, despite the fact that I won’t be working on any professional work, I really want and need to get the apartment in order.  Between a few rough weeks, not having a lot of time to clean, stocking up on some extra food, and plans to order a new couch (first time ever!), this place needs a good clearing out and straightening up.

While I doubt it will all get done today, I’d very much like to:

  • Clear out and clean up the kitchen
  • Turn the big cupboard with shelves in the main room into more of a pantry/food storage/small appliance/canning supplies storage area
  • Get together a box of donations for the thrift store
  • Organize (and possibly purge?) my cookbook shelf
  • Process some of the frozen things currently residing in the freezer
  • Tidy the living room enough that we can move the furniture in preparation for the new stuff

While a day well-and-truly off sounds rather nice too, I know I feel better when the apartment is in good shape around me, and when I feel as though I’ve accomplished something.  As much as I’d like to while the day away reading, I’m going to leave that for a bit later on and take some time to try to clean up my outside world in the hopes that it will leave me feeling a bit calmer and more ordered in general.

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