Independence Days – July 15

Plant something: oregano, rosemary, and sage (from the last of the offerings available from the local nursery); more kale, lettuce, arugula, and peas

Harvest something: pea shoots, swiss chard, peppers, borage, oregano, thyme, basil, sage, rosemary, mint, and chives

Preserve something: dried borage, mint, thyme, violet, chives, basil, and rosemary; fermented carrots, beets, beans, and the few tiny little green tomatoes that I took off the plants before they succumbed to wilt; froze beans

Waste not: thrift store purchases – two novels; reused plastic spinach, mushroom, and frozen yogurt containers for planting seeds and glass jars as spice containers; cleared extra room in the fridge in the hopes that we’ll have more room and, consequently, less food going bad

Want not: stocked up on vinegar, flour, pasta, and plastic canning lids; cleared out the fridge to make some more room for the healthy stuff and the necessities; worked a few extra hours to supplement the “special projects” bank account

Eat the food: salads, frittata, burgers and fish burgers, veggie wraps, fajitas, soup, sandwiches, fish and chips; lots of homegrown herbal teas

Build community food systems: shopped at the farmers’ market and discussed local food issues with some of the farmers (being informed is good!); chatted with people at the community garden

Skill up: figured out how to set up my bike trailer and ride with it attached to my bike; learned more about pest and disease control in gardens; practiced fermenting a variety of different foods; practiced the guitar

Get healthy: lots of walking and biking; many, many salads and other good food; plenty of sleep; working on a bit more rest and relaxation and just generally slowing down

The big focus this week has been on health, especially in terms of trying to relax a bit more and take a bit of time off from work (and thinking about work).  I’ve been doing a lot of different things, and I think I need a clearer schedule and more focus in order to get done the things I need to do and have some time for the things that I really want to do.  This coming week, I’ll be continuing with this and starting my mornings with meditation and then work – no exceptions.  My hope is that I can get things done early and enjoy myself, since putting things off until later means that everything else is less likely to get done.

I’ve also been giving some more thought to the idea of downshifting further.  In addition to trying to find some more time away from work, I’d like to cut down my consumption a bit more and be even better about recycling and using what I have.  This is a good thing in general, but I’m also hoping that it will free up a bit more cash to put towards some important “wish list” items.

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