Morning storm

You love the thunder, you love the rain
You know your hunger, like you know your name
– Jackson Browne

I woke up a bit late this morning, but by 8 am the sky was no brighter than it usually is by 6:30.  By 8:30, the thunder was rolling – sometimes for minutes at a time – and forks of lightening could be seen falling from the sky.

I love a good storm.  I open the curtains – or even sit outside, if I think it’s safe – and watch.  When I’m done really watching, I make a cup of tea, find myself an atmospheric book to read, and sit myself as close to an open window as can.  Barring a few exceptions (teaching, I’m looking at you) no matter what else I’m doing or should be doing, I always press the pause button when a storm starts and settle in to relax for a bit in the midst of the fury.

I’m sure there’s a metaphor for life in there somewhere.  And if not, there should be.

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